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Welcome to the Select International Tours and Cruises Partner Portal. You may be wondering what exactly a partner portal is and why you would need one. This site was designed for Group Leaders and Spiritual Directors who have booked trips with Select International Tours and Cruises.

When you book a trip with Select International Tours, we want you to succeed. After all, your successful trip gets more people to sacred sights, it deepens more people’s faith, it connects them with the people and places that are instrumental in the faith experience. We’re passionate about that!

We’re also compassionate. We understand how daunting it can feel when you book a trip. There is a year before your departure date. That sounds like a long time and then you look at all the people you have to book, all the information you have to share, and all that you have to do from here to there and it can be frightening to stand there alone.

THAT is why we created the Partner Portal. With Select International as your partner, you are never alone. We’re here to help you along the path. But, let’s be honest, our office isn’t open at 2 AM when you’re worrying about what to do at an information meeting. Well now you can navigate over here and learn exactly what to do AND you’ll even have downloadable resources to get you started.

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