Planning Guide

Look through the programs on this website. Browse the existing fliers and learn more about groups traveling with us in the upcoming year. If you do not find what you are looking for- please call us so that we can custom design an itinerary for your group.

Call us at 1-800-842-4842 to discuss your preferences, choose dates and obtain specific prices.

We will confirm all the information given to you in writing and answer all your questions and concerns. We have been in business for over thirty years and have organized hundreds of groups. You have the reassurance that you are working with a reputable, professional company which has survived and thrived despite all turmoil in the travel industry and all the instability of global political events.

  • The group leader communicates with Select International Tours on behalf of the group or organization.
  • A group leader could be the travel agent, the pastor, a teacher, the bank manager, the museum official or any other individual involved in putting the travel program together.
  • They are the main contact for the tour manadger and the key decision maker while the group is traveling.
  • They are responsible for the promotion and marketing of the tour.
  • They usually organize at least one informational meetings for interested participants and also a “Know before you go meeting” to passout travel document.
  • They respond to general questions the group participants may have.
  • A group may have several group leaders.
  • We ask that you designate one to be our primary contact.

Promoting, organizing and leading a group involves time and effort as well as responsibility on part of the group leader. This commitment does pay off! Select International Tours supports the work of our group leaders by providing:

  • Complimentary travel
  • Assistance with printing and marketing
  • Assistance with trip promotion
  • Complete back office support in terms of invoicing, fielding questions, providing information and preparing travel documentation
  • A registered tour operator in the state of New Jersey, in business since 1987.
  • We organize group travel to Europe, Holy Land and Mexico.
  • We have affiliate offices in London, Rome, Athens and Jerusalem, as well as established network of partners in most major European cities to ensure your group superior value and service.
  • NO other Faith based & special interest tour operator can provide you with the level of experience and service Select International Tours can.
  • Please refer to our FAQ on our website for more specific information.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the terms and conditions, which govern the group booking and travel protection options will help to answer most procedural questions and save you time.
  • Every group will be guided by an experienced tour manager who meets them at their arrival destination, who speaks English well, is specially trained for our programs and is very helpful and knowledgeable about the destinations you are visiting. For city tours, you will have a local guide who is the expert on the city you are visiting. In Ireland, we use driver guides. Our tour managers are exceptional.
  • We include buffet breakfast (B) on all our programs. Lunch (L) and dinners (D) are specified in the itinerary. Most meals are at the hotels. However we strive to provide an opportunity for the group to sample restaurant food as well and have a few nights on their own to explore the local cuisine. These nights are always in major cities where the choices are plentiful. Beverages are not provided with meals unless we specify otherwise, or the group chooses to have them included at an additional cost.
  • We can provide roundtrip hometown airport transfers as part of the program for groups of 15 or more passengers leaving from one destination, so you have less to stress and worry about.
  • To assist you with promotion of the tour program we can print fliers as a promotional/information tool, or you can print your own fliers or brochures. An allowance for printing costs will be provided. We also provide promotional posters for you and other marketing materials.